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    We are experts at communicating brand identity, products or services with Explainer Video Animation and Video Production services! Our team collaborates with you through planning, illustrating, whiteboard animation, and more. We go above and beyond to meet your needs and deliver a high quality animated explainer video. Work with a team of Toronto experts equipped with decades of knowledge and experience. We are excited to deliver you a multitude of video animation services.

    Animated Explainer Videos

    A custom illustrated and animated explainer video means that we first review the script provided by you, or collaborate to create your video script, and then proceed to graphic illustration of the storyboard, and then to animation/production, all from scratch. It's a process we absolutely love as it allows total flexibility for our illustrators and animators in Toronto to create something totally unique to your business. Our creative animation team guides you through the process seamlessly. We gather your feedback and work closely with you to ensure your new animated video pops!

    Unlike many other video animation companies, our agency does not restrict revisions in the illustration stages of the project. As a leading video production company it is our top priority to ensure you are 100% pleased with your new product or service video.

    Video Production Services

    There is a slight difference between video animation and video production services. Video production allows us to use real world footage either provided by you, or filmed specifically for your project. Additionally we can use stock video from stock libraries and modify it during the video production stages. There are endless numbers of superb video clips to choose from, whether real world or 3D virtual or illustrated! We work closely with you to help select the best video clips to suit the project requirements. A well produced video can communicate brand messages, new product or service launches or expansions, direct marketing mailers, greeting cards, corporate events, and much more! Inquire today for more information about how video production services can help your business.


    Since 2009, we have illustrated and produced animated videos for clients across all industries.

    • Architecture
    • Business Services
    • Beauty & Fashion
    • Blogs
    • Catering & Banquet Hall
    • Consulting
    • Construction
    • Dental
    • eCommerce
    • Education
    • Entertainment
    • Finance & Investing
    • Fitness
    • Fortune 500
    • Gaming
    • Healthcare

    Why Thought Media?

    We are one of the best video animation companies around, backed by decades of experience living and breathing animation and video production. All of our animators are passionate and creative individuals ready to help bring your business product, service, or brand video to life!  We're always excited to exceed our client's expectations and deliver eye catching and captivating video animation and production services.


    Creating animations has been what we are passionate about since 2009. The process is always exciting for our animators and our clients receiving impeccable new videos!


    Not only are we expert illustrators and animators, but we are masters of video production and a multitude of other forms of digital marketing and media.


    Client satisfaction is our top priority. We achieve this by meeting all project requirements and creating captivating animated videos that achieve excellent results!

    The Best Video Animation Services Steps

    Working with a leading Toronto video production company these are the steps you can expect.

    Gathering Information

    Let’s talk about your business and the Product or Service you want to promote. After gathering the required info we prepare a proposal which contains the scope of the project including timeline, contents, audio, and more!

    Production and Animation

    Everything looks GREAT in the storyboard illustration and overall style of the video? Awesome! Now we move into the Production and Animation stages where we bring the illustration to live with motion.


    We start the project with Storyboarding illustration. This design stage outlines & sets the theme and pace of what will occur during the animated video. We also develop any voice over Scripts in this stage.

    Ready for Launch

    Following approval (on the animations created) we make any Final Touches to your video (from your feedback) and prepare to deliver your exceptional new video in high definition.


    Take a look at our video animation and production portfolio or Watch all videos on YouTube.

    SAS Software Animated Video
    Custom Animated Explainer Video for SAS Software for businesses. IT Services video animation.
    Elon University Animated Video
    Custom Hand Drawn Animated Explainer Video for Elon University around Covid-19 policies.
    RouteCoin Animated Video
    LOVED creating this Explainer Video for RouteCoin products and services!
    PowerStorm Animated Video
    This awesome animated explainer video presentation we created for PowerStorm. We first storyboarded, then voiced, then animated this great video!
    Novologik Software Animated Video
    Custom Animated Explainer Video for Novologik Software for dentistry and orthodontists. Created in English and French.
    Stone Orcharc Animated Video
    We had a blast scripting, storyboarding, audio editing, and animating this explainer video for Stone Orchard Software ("SOS") with our Video Animation Services.
    Deposit Express Animated Video
    It was wonderful animating this explainer video for Deposit Express - a service for realtors and home buyers in Canada. We started with branding the business, then creating the animated explainer video.
    Thought Media Minions
    Promotional video for Thought Media Animation Services.
    7 Stages of Thought Media Web Design
    Explainer video for Thought Media Web Design Services.
    Thought Media Services Video
    Explainer video for Thought Media Creative Services.
    StatusBoom Animated Video
    An older project - animated explainer video presentation describing "what is statusboom?". We had fun animating this explainer presentation video!


    Here are some of our most frequently answered animation questions and answers.

    What are your rates for video animation or production services?

    Video animation and production is quoted based on the scope and requirements of each individual project. Every animation is unique and requires different components; we illustrate and animate custom videos specifically for your business. We will typically require a quick phone call to discuss the details of the animation project, or we will request further information by email. We then prepare a quote based on the time required to complete the project according to our discussions and scope of work. Typically speaking the basic video animation packages start at $1500. Please contact us at to begin the quote process.

    Do I need to be located in Toronto or Canada to work with Thought Media?

    Certainly not! We work with business owners and clients all over the world and communicate by email, scheduled phone calls and Zoom screen-sharing meetings. Additionally if you opt for Thought Media web hosting our support team responds to tickets. Since you’re enjoying our Canadian website, you’re also welcome to visit Thought Media‘s international website for more information.

    What if I need more than one video?

    We love creating multiple videos for our clients. If you require a series of videos for products, services, or direct customer marketing we’re here to help! Bundle multiple videos and receive discounts. Learn more and get the process started by requesting a consultation today.

    How long does it take to complete a video?

    Typically most videos require between 2-5 weeks to complete, however this depends on the project requirements and scale. Additionally client availability for providing feedback throughout the process has an impact on timeline. Overall complexity of video animation and if any revisions are required (after receiving client feedback) will effect timeline.

    What about music, sound effects and voice over?

    We will supply music, sound effects, and a voice over to match the theme and style of the video. During production you have the opportunity to select from our voice over actors/talent (whether male or female, with or without accent).

    Want to learn more about Video Animation by Thought Media?


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