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Custom Website Design Custom web design is ideal for companies that have unique needs which are not met by most plug and play or DIY website designs. However there are a number of open source platforms that allow for custom web development that is so original your viewers will assume that your site is build […]

WordPress SEO plugins and tools have been rolling out for WordPress since it’s inception. WordPress is a content management system which is free and open source. Released on May 27, 2003 WordPress was primarily a blog-publishing platform that has since transformed itself and the internet at large and has been growing exponentially in terms of […]

Before Covid-19 swept the globe, website designers in Canada along with numerous other non-web professions were shifting to remote-work or work-from-home. Obviously when Covid-19 arrived that transition shifted into high gear not just for Canadian web developers, graphic designers, and other digital professions, but now non-digital oriented professions are also shifting to online. What was […]

Covid-19 has transformed the way we live and work and resulted in a boom in ECommerce website design services. Arriving in a tsunami sized first wave the coronavirus (Covid-19) triggered lockdowns in Toronto and across Canada. Across the globe and within Canada some places are returning to work, some are still on lockdown, and others […]

Logo design inspiration comes from a variety of sources however the two that can be most impactful are geometry and psychology. Logo designing incorporates as much science as it does art and those who get the balance right empower their clients branding and profitability. Companies like Thought Media, who offer logo design services, have exceptional […]

Canada’s IT industry has been booming and attracting the best talent from inside and outside of its borders. The Greater Toronto Area is the hottest of the hot spots in Canada, growing its IT economy by over 50% in the past few years. Ontario is home to over half of the county’s tech start-ups which […]

Web hosting services give you as an individual or an institution the opportunity to create and run/display a website on internet. The service provides all the tools and services needed that enables a website to be viewed online. Web hosting services includes storing data in servers whereby if a person wants to access your website; […]

Wondering why you should consider hiring a full service Toronto web design and Toronto SEO agency for your business? Well the online world is crowded with websites that offers the same products or services as your company, and they are all vying for attention of the browsers. How a website is designed is very important and […]

Headquartered in Toronto Canada and New York City USA Thought Media is a proud Canadian Corporation that offers top quality website hosting services for businesses. When you need website hosting in Montreal, Thought Media is just a quick phone consultation away. We’ll get your website up and running quickly and efficiently. Our business website hosting keeps […]

Headquartered in Toronto, one of the most powerful and emerging Tech hubs in Canada, Thought Media offers innovative graphic design services in Toronto and the larger GTA. Every business needs to look good on paper and online which necessitates the assistance of professional Toronto graphic designers such as Thought Media. Graphic Design Services Toronto We offer […]

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