Benefits of Magento Web Design & Development for ECommerce Websites

Having a Magento web design yields many benefits. Magento websites are a popular scalable solution for any business considering ECommerce websites design. Magento is an open source program that assists web developers in developing user friendly ecommerce platforms. Released on March 31, 2008, Magento has only gained popularity and is used by some of the largest companies worldwide. Developed on the Zend Framwork platform, Magento was released by Varien and has a large community that provides strong support and security updates.

Magento Web Development

Samsung, Jones Soda, Nike, and Ford are just a few of large companies benefiting from Magento ecommerce development. Fox connect and Vizio are a couple more of the top companies that use Magento for their ecommerce. The wide range of companies demonstrates Magento’s ability to scale and be customized.

Magento Web Design

Magento Web Development

In addition to it’s ability to scale and be customized, Magento offers a multitude of options that are beneficial to any company. The program’s longevity and popularity ensure that there will be plenty of support available. It has a healthy community of users and developers who are constantly creating new modules and security upgrades.

Not only is Magento convenient for companies but for their customers as well. Accepting a wide selection of payment methods, Magento also lets both registered users and guests use their cart. Users also have the ability to check their order history, view current orders, and see items they have saved to purchase. Best of all Magento is mobile responsive which is an essential customer demand that needs to be met. A large percentage of shopping is done on smartphones and Magento delivers a great user experience there as well as on any size screen.

Magento Web Developer

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