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Business web hosting that is energy efficient and economical is now more possible than you have ever considered before! Thought Media offers Canadian Website Hosting located right in Toronto. Energy efficient, our business web hosting runs on renewable wind and solar energy. If you do business in Canada, it is a great idea locate your […]

Apr 10, 2018


Spring☼ is underway and it’s time to spruce up your business website design! Winter is breaking-up, and the weather is finally warming up in Toronto, Ontario (the world headquarters for Thought Media), Montreal, Vancouver and all across Canada. As people begin to clean for spring, it is important to know that spring cleaning works for […]

Mar 26, 2018


One of the True North’s best-kept secrets is about to get exposed: Toronto is Canada’s new Silicon Valley-like tech capital and highly skilled techies are flocking there to work and start up their own companies. With the brainpower readily available, big-ticket investors are eager to bring their capital to Toronto to back up and coming […]

Dec 06, 2017


The rapid growth of ecommerce is driving up the need for efficient online payment processing in Canada. Ecommerce is driving the retail gains in the Canadian economy. Brick and mortar, or traditional retail sales in Canada have remained essentially stable. Nearly all the growth in the retail industry, and it’s growing by double digits, is […]

Nov 09, 2017


Knowing that videos are shared on social media 1200% more than any other type of content combined, using video animation services for your business is simply critical to improving your bottom line. The preference for video is not limited to social media marketing. CEO’s as well as individuals in management and director type positions are [...]

Oct 30, 2017


While traditional retail sales remain flat in Canada, business with an e-commerce web design are seeing growth in the double digits. Growing in both real amounts and in proportion to traditional sales, online sales are expected to reach over 55 billion by 2020. Globally, online retail sales have increased over 23% so for companies in […]

Oct 04, 2017


Dramatically increasing its active users by 100-million (now at 700-million users) from 2016-2017, Instagram growth is taking the social media marketing world by storm. Since its start up in 2010, Instagram has rapidly been gaining users and has surpassed Twitter in size. Using Instagram marketing services is a great approach for businesses that want to engage their […]

Aug 30, 2017


Canadian companies with global e-commerce website designs stand to profit from the 20 million digital buyers expected in Canada alone, by 2018. Double digit annual gains are boosting Canada’s e-commerce economy, and if your company does not have an effective, professionally created e-commerce website design, you’ll be left behind in the digital growth of the […]

Aug 15, 2017


Thought Media is proud to introduce our Canadian website hosting services that are energy efficient! Now you can actively work to reduce your carbon footprint simply by using our green Canadian website hosting services for your website. From construction to operation, our servers use less power and run more efficiently which in turn, makes for […]

Aug 02, 2017


As support grows, one must wonder what legalized cannabis in Canada means for web designers. It’s only a matter of time that cannabis industry businesses will need their own ecommerce web design, as it has already begun in many regions of the world. Cannabis growers are getting licensed at a faster rate in expectation for […]

Jul 26, 2017


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