Capture Business with Video Animation and Marketing Services

canada-business-video-servicesKnowing that videos are shared on social media 1200% more than any other type of content combined, using video animation services for your business is simply critical to improving your bottom line. The preference for video is not limited to social media marketing. CEO’s as well as individuals in management and director type positions are more compelled to watch a 15 second video which is virtually effortless, than read direct mail, emails, or any other type of typical marketing. Call  1 (800) 916 3864or Request Quote for your Business Video Production and marketing campaign needs.

Business Video Animation

Ninety-two percent of mobile video viewers share the videos they watch, and that includes business explainer videos. Getting some high quality product and service explainer videos make for your brand and product line can boost your sales and engagement with consumers. 87% of online marketers are leveraging the power of video, and if you don’t as well you will lose your sales and customer conversions to those who do.

social-media-video-marketingInstagram Marketing Services

Getting noticed takes more than a high quality video made by a professional company like Thought Media. You’ll also need marketing services for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media to get your videos in front of the consumers that you need to convert. Marketing services are an investment the return on which can boost your sales to levels you’d thought previously unimaginable.

Social Media Advertising

Video animations are ideal content for your social media advertising campaigns. The desire to click and watch videos is not diminished because the content is marked “sponsored” or “ad”. As long as your videos provide high quality content, they are just as likely to be viewed, and more importantly shared, as any organic content that appears in a user’s feed. Consider hiring a social media manager for your business to improve growth and engagement online!

Expand your business’ reach to a wide range of social media users with high quality videos created by the animation experts here at Thought Media. Call  1 (800) 916 3864or Request Quote to discover how we can help your business expand its marketing reach!

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