Instagram Growth Marketing Manager for Your Canadian Business

instagram-growth-marketingDramatically increasing its active users by 100-million (now at 700-million users) from 2016-2017, Instagram growth is taking the social media marketing world by storm. Since its start up in 2010, Instagram has rapidly been gaining users and has surpassed Twitter in size. Using Instagram marketing services is a great approach for businesses that want to engage their existing customers and convert new prospects. If your business is not utilizing Instagram to gain exposure on social media, you may get left behind! Let us explain..

Instagram Growth Marketing

Instagram offers an environment that allows businesses to promote their brands, services, and products with content rich images, stories, and post links. A business account will give you access to Instagram’s growing user base, allowing you to engage consumers across Canada from British Columbia to Quebec, as well as globally!

instagram-marketing-servicesInstagram Marketing Manager

Offering a wide variety of features including product pushes and sales services, Instagram is highly beneficial for every business in Canada. An Instagram marketing manager can do everything from introducing new products to viewers in Halifax to engaging the residents of Calgary with contests, to promoting sales globally.

With very little room for weak content, Instagram marketing management must focus on the highest quality images, stories, and links. Link size matters, and there are many tips and tricks that your Thought Media Instagram manager can use to optimize the traffic your business service, or product ecommerce website design receives.

Marketing on Instagram with Thought Mediainstagram-for-business

The marketing experts at Thought Media are ready to assist you with your Instagram campaign. By offering tiered pricing, Thought Media offers an affordable start which you can choose to scale up as your business and Instagram marketing grows. Even more beneficial, Thought Media can target your Instagram social media marketing by country.

Ready to grown your business on Instagram? Call  1 (800) 916 3864or Request Quote for your Instagram Social media marketing campaign.

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