Online Payment Processing for Canadian Businesses

ecommerce-payment-gateway-canadaThe rapid growth of ecommerce is driving up the need for efficient online payment processing in Canada. Ecommerce is driving the retail gains in the Canadian economy. Brick and mortar, or traditional retail sales in Canada have remained essentially stable. Nearly all the growth in the retail industry, and it’s growing by double digits, is coming from online shopping and ecommerce. Well over half of Canada’s population is moving to shopping online on both desktop and mobile platforms which is increasing the need for effective website payment processing.

online-payment-processors-canadaCanadian Business Payment Processing

Managing your accounts receivable can be made so much more efficient by accepting online payments directly through your Canadian business website design instead of using a third party or through the mail. Not only will you receive your money quickly when you accept payments online, but your customers will also trust you more. Consumers expect safe, secure, and effective business website payment processing and will patronize businesses who offer what they want.

Ecommerce Payment Processing

When you become a Canadian business payment processor, you’ll be able to quickly notify your consumers of payments received and processed. As an ecommerce payment processor, you’ll be able to track your payments and maintain better records quickly and easily. Accepting payments online will not only appeal to more consumers and build trust with them, it will also offer the additional benefit of making your accounting more efficient.

canadian-payment-gatewaysAccept Online Payments In Canada

Thought Media is a professional web development right here in Canada that will take your business from the beginning through the final stages of ecommerce development making in an effective ecommerce payment processor. With our years of extensive experience in the ecommerce industry, we can effectively help by acting as a consultant and securing the best possible rates for accepting payment from your consumers online.

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