The Best Website Design Has Effective SEO Strategies Built-In

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an approach of techniques which are used to increase visitor traffic to a website. This is done by acquiring a high rank on a search engine results page (SERP). Common search engines include Google, Bing and, Yahoo, however there are many more out there which operate under similar principles to the largest one by market share – Google. Questions before reading on??Call us 1 (800) 916 3864.

It is vital to know that a business’s website design is extremely important for the success of that business. However, a point that many individuals tend to miss is that the best website design should have an effective SEO strategy as well.

The Relationship Between Website Design and SEO

Everyone understands that content specifically has eminent effects on your SEO. Aspects such as texts, images and videos are no doubt very big factors in determining the visitor traffic that comes to your website. However, your business’s website design also plays a major role in this determination.

Suppose someone types specific keywords on a search engine which leads them to your website, up until this point everything is going great. But, what if the user sees your website as too complicated? What if a lack of good quality or your website being too ugly leads the user to return back to the search engine results page? These questions are exactly the reason why SEO and website design have a very significant relationship in the world of business and technology.

How Can A Business Include SEO Tactics In Website Design?

website-design-with-seo-strategyIf you are hiring a website design company to design the website of your business then you must take into consideration some facts beforehand.
First of all, you must be sure that the web design agency that you are hiring has extensive knowledge of search engine optimization. The website of the business should be conductive with effective SEO techniques.

For instance, a Toronto web design company known as Thought Media has a range of website developers who are familiar with all things related to SEO. By hiring such a company for your business’s website design, you are also in a way of hiring an SEO agency!
Moreover, this specific agency has the benefit that it will plan out personal SEO tactics and marketing strategies before they even begin on your business’s website design.
So, such a company as the one mentioned above will inevitably get your business the works of two very integral business aspects in one. In terms of Thought Media, it can then be considered a Toronto website design company and in a way, an SEO agency in Toronto.

The Benefits of A SEO Responsive Website Design

Now that we have established just how important the relationship between search engine optimization and the design of your business website is, let’s take a look at the benefits that one can gain from a website design that has built-in effective SEO strategies.

Increased Traffic
search-engine-optimization-websiteIs there even a need to further expand on this benefit? Of course, when your business has a reliable and trustworthy partner who is working on your website, there will be a massive increase in visitor traffic to your business and its website. It gives the benefit of being ranked on a higher position on the search engine results page and improves your business’s chances of reaching a much wider audience.

Less Bounce Rate
This advantage is, in a way, similar to the benefit above. The bounce rate of a website indicates the number of times that a user visits your website, but, soon backtracks and leaves it to return to the search engine results page in order to find a better result.

Now some of you may be thinking that content is really what matters for a user to bounce back to the results page. However, as we discussed above, sometimes design has more of an edge over content. So, a nicely designed website will, in fact, result in a lower bounce rate.

More Trust in Your Brand
Take a few minutes and put yourself in the shoes of a user, when you or the user search for a product or even some information on a certain topic, will you or the user be choosing the results on the first and second pages or will you click on the links that appear on the fifth page?
Just like so, when your website has effective SEO strategies AND a nice website design, the user will always be willing to return to your website and will begin to gain trust in your brand.

seo-website-performanceIncreased Page Speed
A rather unknown benefit is that an SEO responsive web design will have quicker page speed. Your business website should be designed and optimized in a way that results in instant page loading.
Research has proven over the years that the websites which load quicker are more preferred by visitors.

Your website should also have the option of being mobile-phone responsive. By adding this aspect to your web design, your pages will load faster than they usually do thus, resulting in a more positive experience for the visitor.

Increased Sharing on Social Platforms
One thing that we all know is that social media platforms are very helpful in increasing the visitor traffic and the popularity of your website and what most social media users, especially the youth, look for in a website is its design.
The concept of a certain item being aesthetically pleasing is very popular nowadays on various social media platforms. So, when your website is designed in a trendy and aesthetic way, it is bound to catch the eye of a young visitor.

When your website is shared on social media simply because of its design, it has the potential to go viral, which, if it occurs, will prove to be extremely beneficial to your business as well as your website.

In Conclusion, it is safe to say that when searching for and hiring a web design agency or an individual web designer, the most important aspect to look at is that they will create a website design with SEO strategies built-in which will, in turn, make your web page both SEO responsive and popular. Want to learn more??Call us 1 (800) 916 3864.

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