The Psychology of Shapes in Logo Design and Logo Designing Inspiration

Logo design inspiration comes from a variety of sources however the two that can be most impactful are geometry and psychology. Logo designing incorporates as much science as it does art and those who get the balance right empower their clients branding and profitability. Companies like Thought Media, who offer logo design services, have exceptional understand of the art and science of logos. Below you’ll find information that will help you evaluate what type of logo is best for your company.

The Psychology Of Shapes In Logo Design

A company’s logo has to deliver complex ideas about its branding, products, services, and values, all in a single glance. Certain shapes and elements of geometry tend to have certain psychological effects on the viewer. Circles evoke feelings of focus and stability while squares are equated to safety and professionalism. Triangles indicate movement, usually upward or forward which is generally the direction most people hope to go.

The Golden Ratio In Logo Design

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical construct of the shapes in nature that are visually pleasing. The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci exemplifies this ratio. However you can see it in the center of a sunflower and you can see the Golden Spiral in snail shells. Thought Media, a graphic design company, understands how to apply this ration to enhance your company’s branding and marketing.

Best 30 Logo Designs

Explore the list below to discover logo design ideas that leverage the power of psychology and geometry. If you’re looking for logo design Toronto, reach out to Thought Media for a free consultation.

Protoflight Solutions Logo Design

Circles within circles like in the logo above demonstrate strength, dependability, and a focus on a mission.

geometry logo design examples

Twitter’s logo is made up entirely of circles. Students learning to draw are taught to identify circles in what they see because they are very pleasing to the eye. In addition to following the Golden Ratio concentric circles create feelings of stability and mission focus. Squares demonstrate safety and professionalism whereas triangle stimulate feelings of dynamic movement and improvement.

logo design inspiration examples

Intertwined circles represent connectivity. Dependability meets forward motion in NASA’s logo. Virgin’s logo echoes similar sentiments with the plane representing the triangular motion.

Logo Design Services

Spirals, similar to circles and found in nature are also effective in logos.

media desk new mexico logo design example

This logo demonstrates an eye pleasing view of proportionate squares.

microsoft youtube facebook logo design

Effective use of squares in logos – Microsoft creates balance, YouTube shows motion within the square, and the Facebook logo follows the Golden Ratio Concentric circles with soft triangle of movement comprise the USA’s Department of Transportation logo.

logo design inspirations examples

Circles, spirals, and concentric circles creating a sense of dependability.

spiral logo design example

Circles, spirals, and concentric circles creating a sense of dependability.

delta google play axis bank

Triangles show motion in different directions. Not the geometrical colours and triangles in triangles in the Google play logo.

fedex logo

Innovative use of negative space to create an arrow in the “Ex” of Fed Ex.

mastercard logo design

Interlocking circles with colours that demonstrate power and joy – and indication of finances going in the right direction.

Lego Logo Design

A profound indication of safety and stability in the building block giant.

larryfouche logo design

Lines create a visual appearance of safety, echoed by the text.

global ed logo design example

A sphere is in essence a circle and the text underneath creates a square that is demonstrating safety.

data square logo design

Concentric squares angled like triangles to show motion.

Now Begin Logo Design Example

Circles within circles showing a focus on a goal and the stability that mental health patients need.

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