Top 10 Absolute Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools

Wordpress web development codingWordPress SEO plugins and tools have been rolling out for WordPress since it’s inception. WordPress is a content management system which is free and open source. Released on May 27, 2003 WordPress was primarily a blog-publishing platform that has since transformed itself and the internet at large and has been growing exponentially in terms of WordPress plugins and tools.  Additionally WordPress website design has gained global traction and over 455 million sites are powered by it. Roughly translated, WordPress owns 35% of the market share of all of the world’s websites. User-friendly and delivering a great visual design, WordPress has demonstrated both longevity and popularity.

What Is WordPress WooCommerce?

Launched in 2011 WooCommerce is the ecommerce companion for WordPress, spawning the rise of WordPress ECommerce Website Design. Since its launch, WooCommerce has been growing rapidly in use and popularity along with WordPress. Given that ecommerce is currently booming this is a trend that will only increase in the future.

WordPress SEO Tools

search engine optimization seo companyOne of the main attractions of WordPress is its solid reputation of providing excellent SEO that ranks well in the Google search engine results listings. Boasting fast loading and sites that are easy to crawl by search engines WordPress also offers Plugins and tools that enhance SEO functionality. Below are 10 of the best seo plugins for WordPress along with helpful WordPress seo tools.


Perhaps one of the most popular wordpress seo plugins it has the key feature of instructing you on the best way to use your main keyword. It also lets you know if you’ve used your keyword the targeted amount of times.

All In One SEO Pack

Used by over 2 million sites this plugin not only optimizes SEO but also creates and submits sitemaps to search engines. As an added benefit it can be integrated with WooCommerce.

Rank Math

Functioning like your own personal SEO assistant, Rank Math advises you as of optimal SEO choices as you write in WordPress. Additionally, you’ll be able to preview your sinppet and meta tags for optimal SEO.


This plugin delivers insights directly to your dashboard and features backlink analysis along with data referenced from your site’s Google Analytics.

The SEO Framework

Is a plugin that creates SEO meta tags influenced by your site that help you rank highly. Boasting a functional SEO Bar, you can see all issues quickly.

Google Search Console

Created by Google, this plugin alerts you when Google is unable to crawl your site for any reason. Additionally, you’ll receive suggestions on how to fix the issue.

WP Fastest Cache

Boasting many options for cache management this plugin ensures a quick response time even during high traffic events by creating a static html file.

W3 Total Cache

This mandatory plugin optimizes your speed and minimizes your download time because Google loves fast sides with a great user experience.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Images, while necessary, can slow your website loading time. Smush fixes that by delivering what its name says – delivering smaller sized images without compromising on quality.

Broken Link Checker

This useful tool checks your entire site for broken links, even the comments, and provides you with the information you need to repair them and keep your customers interested.

How To Launch Your WordPress Web Design

If you’re ready to incorporate the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools into your website, or if you’d like to create a WordPress website for your business, reach out to us for an absolutely free consultation to discuss your WordPress web design project. Otherwise you’re welcome to use our free SEO Tool which scans your website and provides suggestions for improvement.

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