Toronto – Canada’s New Silicon Valley-Like Tech Capital

One of the True North’s best-kept secrets is about to get exposed: Toronto is Canada’s new Silicon Valley-like tech capital and highly skilled techies are flocking there to work and start up their own companies. With the brainpower readily available, big-ticket investors are eager to bring their capital to Toronto to back up and coming businesses. Not only are investors standing ready to pony up, but the Canadian government is too, with incentive programs as well as small business assistance.

Silicon Valley North

Without a doubt, whether it’s a Toronto website design company or an evolving app creation company, Toronto and much of Southern Ontario is clearly the newest tech and startup hotspot. Some 200 hundred start-ups are building their foundation in a project called MaRS. This project is centered around the University of Toronto and boasts four towers that are home to over 6000 workers. Large companies are flocking to this booming tech hub of Toronto.


Startups and Big Tech Companies

It’s not just startups moving in Toronto. BIG Tech businesses are moving as well. Amazon, Uber, and Google have all chosen Toronto for their newest locations. Facebook, Paypal, and Etsy have joined the 200 plus startups in the MaRS project. Canada’s Silicon Valley-like tech capital is proving to attract tech players of all levels.

Business Website Design

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Canadian Website Hosting

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