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Markham, proclaiming itself “Canada’s Hi-Tech Capital”, has the goods to back up that claim to technological, particularly IT, fame. You’ll be able to find such pinnacle tech companies as IBM, Toshiba, Motorola and Oracle calling it home. In addition to these giants you’ll also find over 900 tech and life sciences businesses located there. Thought Media, a Markham web design company, is proud to serve our current (and prospective!) clients in Markham.

According to Statistics Canada, both Markham’s population and economy have been growing at a steady rate. The business service industry is currently the largest employer in Markham. Businesses need support in getting their name out there. Just north of Scarborough, Markham’s market is highly competitive, especially in IT; therefore you need the best web design company available.

If you don’t have a website, you’re simply not a player in the game. From millions of smart phone to thousands of desk top computers; the internet is being scoured for products and services that businesses need. You need a website that is visually appealing, user friendly for all platforms viewing it and highly converting. Thought Media will build that website for you.

Markham web design companies are clamoring for your business. Why choose us? Because we know what it’s like to be you. Like you, we’re constantly growing. Like you, we strive to be the best in our industry. Like you, we want the best website on your server for the most valuable price. When you partner with us you’ll be one step ahead in the intense Markham tech company competition.

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Web Design Markham

Our web design professionals will sit down with you (in person or by phone) and discuss your goals. We can create anything from a fully functioning e-commerce website to a basic business website. We’ll discuss everything from form to colors with you to make sure you’ll be completely happy with the result. Then we’ll create an innovatively designed website that will convert your browsing prospects into purchasing customers. We’ll provide and assist you with understanding detailed reports on your website’s traffic.

Graphic Design Markham

If your company is new or looking to rebrand, our team of Graphic Designers are ready to assist in creating your new corporate identity. We are highly skilled in logo design and have created successful logos for several prominent companies. Checkout our Instagram to see some latest logo design or graphic design work.

Working from your logo we’ll develop a custom website design or theme to match, along with any flyers, business cards and letterhead that you’d need. Should you need business images, we are able to arrange for a photographer to capture the best images of your company or we commonly use stock photos. We excel in photos of your staff at work as well as landscapes of your company’s property if that is required.

As the population and industry of Markham continue to grow there’s no telling how prosperous you could be. The established IT giants will attract new ones to consider Markham as home. One thing that you can count of for sure, Thought Media is the Markham web design company that will help you to get there!

Call for a FREE No Obligation Web Design or Graphic Design Quote!1 (800) 916 3864.

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