Does Web Hosting Services in Canada Help Canadian SEO?

Web hosting services give you as an individual or an institution the opportunity to create and run/display a website on internet. The service provides all the tools and services needed that enables a website to be viewed online. Web hosting services includes storing data in servers whereby if a person wants to access your website; their devices will be redirected to these servers through which they will load and access the data on your website.

There are quite a number of hosting companies that are available which lets you create and run a website through their servers. Thought media is one of the platforms that run the website specifically in the United States of America and in Canada. The service has its head quarters both in Canada and Toronto Canada and in New York USA. However, the hosting service has extended to other countries like Australia UK, Norway Dubai and many others. Our Canadian web hosting is very energy efficient this is because it partially on solar and wind power from datacenters in Montreal and Toronto. Many of our Toronto SEO customers enjoy the benefits of utilizing our local website hosting services as well!

What is SEO?

Well known as search engine optimization, this is a process of optimizing a website so that one can get traffic coming towards their website from the results of a search engine, we can say it in simple terms as a way of getting your website to appear on the first page of a search engine for better exposure to the relevant clients. This mostly will require you to make some changes in regards to the content that you post on your website.

How Does SEO Work?

For search engine optimization to work properly, you will need to put some factors into consideration. For you to rank higher or on the first page of a search engine, you will need to consider some factors that will determine the ranking these include;

  • Content marketing

This is a very important factor in SEO. This is basically the content that is of high quality and relevance that will be able to attract a client to your website, with such content your website will be able to rank higher on the search engine. When you are creating the content on the website, you should really mind the keywords and some specific phrases. When a client or user wants to search for something, they will definitely type in something information to get what they are looking for, you should then have such words or phrases in your content such that if a user types in the keywords, your website will show up first, this means you will rank on top.

The on tent you create on your website should be up to date and your website should have new content all the time, this means you should be having new content every time, you can do this by updating the old articles you wrote or you can rewrite your content once again for you to have afresh content.

  • On-Page Optimization

This is a very important factor that you will need to optimize on your page so that you can improve the ranking of your website. These things include;

  • Meta descriptions- this is a little description that talks about your page that a user will see first when they see your page. You should always include keywords in this description for you to grab the attention of a user.
  • Title tags- this is a title that tells the people searching what your website is about, it should focus on the name of your institution and should have keywords too.
  • Sub-headings- these are very important because they make your content easy to understand from the user’s end, they are very important to improve SEO of your website.
  • Internal links-you can come up with links that link other information on you site, you can make reference to your site in your blog posts.

Differences In Choosing A Website Host

There are several differences when choosing a website host in thought media, this because there is an American IP and a Canadian IP that works quite differently because there is web hosting in Canada and in America too. There is an impact on the speed; there would be a difference when you have your website host Canada and when you have it in USA, this is because of the data-center location factor. Two different servers are located in different places hence due to the data-location factor the speed can’t be the same. The Thought Media servers in Canada are located in Toronto and Montreal; this means the IP address is Canadian, while the thought media servers located in California in the united states of America has an American IP address, these  differences in location has a great Impact on the speed if your website.

Are There Benefits Of Using Any Of The IP Addresses?

There have been not much talks about the benefits of either using an IP address in the united states of America or using an IP address in Toronto Canada, however, a number of SEO experts like thought media have encouraged the use of the servers in respective countries, that is if you are in Canada, it is better that you use the IP address for web hosting Canada, and US clients to use our American hosting. Explain that having an IP address in the geography of the business for the business website hosting is a great idea for improving SEO ranking. The importance of this is that when you are in local range, your local Google rankings will be higher since Google decides your location according to your IP address, this means that if you are in United States of America and you are using an American IP address, you will rank higher in America, the same applies to Canada.

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