Our Vision

An emerging digital age of experience-driven browsing; from online shopping, to requesting quotes from Canadian businesses. We have the user/customer experience in mind – creating engaging website designs that are informative and high goal-converting.

Our Mission

Design and develop attractive websites, mobile applications, custom graphics, animated videos, and more.. that yield high return for our Canadian business clients in terms of customer lead acquisition, education, or conversion.

Innovative Websites

We design and develop stunning website designs for Canadian businesses that want to leave their digital mark!

Goal Identification

Generating leads, building a stronger online presence, and brand awareness all require unique strategies. We’ll determine your key objectives and create a plan to succeed.

Presenting the Proposal

Usually within 24 – 72 hours of the goal identification step, we’ll fax or email a proposal that details the criteria of the project along with the estimated cost.

Agreement & Contract

When the project details and estimated cost are agreeable, the proposal is transferred to the billing department. The agreement will be drafted into a contract which will list project timeline, criteria, cost, and payment terms. The contract can be mailed, emailed, or faxed.

Gathering Materials

When the agreement is signed and a deposit made, your personal project manager will begin to collect the needed information. This can include written materials, as well as brand information and existing media. These materials can be delivered digitally, in person, or by portable media (CD, DVD, and USB).

Graphic Design

When we have all the materials we begin the graphic design step. Clients receive a work flow link/URL so that they can check on the progress. After one week, a draft is ready for the client to preview and provide feedback.

Your project manager instructs the design team to make the requested changes while staying in alignment with the decisions made at the Goal Identification stage. Additionally, your project manager ensures that your website-to-be is up to current standards.

Depending on the scope of your project, the processes in this step can take from 1 to 4 weeks.

Coding and Scripting

Once the design is approved by the client and the project manager, it moves into the coding department. Here is where the coding, scripting, and programming take place. The client receives a “working link/URL” where they can track progress.

Approximately every 72 hours the demo site is updated and the client is encouraged to give any feedback to the project manager. We notify the client when the working copy is complete and move onto the testing step.

Quality Assurance Testing

During the final testing stage we run countless tests and checks to make sure that everything works properly. We also evaluate the website for mobile and tablet responsiveness to ensure it works well on all sizes of screens. Once your website passes our quality control tests it’s time to go live!

Time to Go Live!

When everything looks great, it’s time to go live! Your website design will be fully functional and located at your domain name. This step marks the closing of the web design portion of your project. You’ll have a 90 day warranty period where you can request minor changes within the scope of your project.

Marketing Your Website

Now that your website is live, let’s make sure people get to it! Our experienced website marketing experts are ready to harness the power of the internet to get your website in front of potential consumers. From high organic rankings to pay per click ads, we offer a wide range of options to get your website seen!

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