5 Powerful Tools for Web Design Companies in Canada

There’s many amazing tools for web design companies in Canada that want to improve their web presence, and in the below article we will examine 5 powerful tools for website designing in Canada. Canada is a large country both in area and population. It stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Canada is home to many large cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton and many others like these. The population is growing day by day in Canada. Every company wants to earn more by increasing its SEO ranking in Canada.

The industry of Canadian website designers is increasing for businesses quickly. Every business demands graphic designers to develop visual displays and to influence the consumers. They interact well with websites and mobile development. Product packaging in T.V programs has generated revenue for the industry. They work on printing services, image designing, website designing, and internet presence designs. One of the opportunities in this market is that when corporate profit will rise the firm or company will decide a greater budget for advertising and web designing. It generates brand awareness and promotes online services.

Competition Growth of Canadian Web Designers

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The real estate in Toronto is increasing rapidly. The prices of the houses, condos, and office space has increased a lot. The increase in Toronto’s population is expected to continue in the coming 15 years – reaching up to 4 million. This huge increase in the population will cause the population to grow older. It will gradually increase the demand for long-term care. With the rise of population, of course the competitiveness of website designers has increased as well throughout Toronto and Canada. There has been a rapid increase in competition among web development companies in Canada. The companies will use the technique of pay-per-click (PPC) to increase their online customers. For example, a mortgage company will try its best to develop a website that has a high SEO. PPC method is very costly for the website as they have to pay for every click whether the customer pays them or not. In this article, the modern new tools are been discussed for the website design companies in Canada. These methods are more reliable and can be used to increase customer optimization online. Well done Canadian web design focuses on quality as it has to fight and rank in a market packed with competition.

  1. Utilize Thought Media’s Free SEO Tool

    free seo tool thought media

This tool works on any type of website development. The Free SEO tool is a website scanner available from Thought Media. It determines the health of the website and creates more chances to enhance the rating of the website. This tool provides suggestions and hints to fix any web design issue your website has.


  • It works as a keyword tool to check which keywords are working on your website. It will propose a suitable solution to improve performance. It will check and scan which terms are mostly used on the website in terms of long-tail and short-tail keywords.
  • It checks how your search engine optimizes your website page. It works on the meta-tags and coding structure. It checks headings, content, and structure. Through this scanner, you can check the on-site optimization of your website.
  • One of its features is to detect problems regarding the site map. If a site map exists if gives suggestions to improve it and if it is missing it will let you know how you can build it.
  • This website scanner checks how many internal and external links your website uses at various pages. It also determines where you can optimize to improve the link structure of your website.
  • One of the greatest advantage of this scanner is to check whether your website is mobile friendly and fully optimized with files or not. It provides your website mobile search engine optimization.
  1. Asana and Basecamp Project Management Tools
    Asana project management toolBasecamp Project Management Tool

They are two cloud-based project management tools. They help the teams to be organized and do well on their projects. Both of these projects are suitable for all company types.


It is a complete project management solution. It enables the members of the team to track everything they have been working upon. It allows smart decision making at every stage of the project. Its main functions are

  • Campaigns
  • Launches
  • Briefings

It is available for desktop, android, and IOS.


It influences team collaboration. It enables file sharing and project organization. It is accessible on MAC, android, and IOS. It tracks assignments, deadlines, and other associated files.

  1. Marvel Design Tool
    marvel design tool

This Marvel tool will change your digital products as a whole.


  • It has brought the power of design in everyone’s hands. It can instantly generate design specs. It can bring positive change to your workflow.
  • It supports you from low to high fidelity. It can create amazing wireframes and beautiful interfaces in just minutes.
  • It requires no code and makes the designs active. It automates the development of a design. It checks how users interact with your designs.
  • One of its benefits is that the companies use it to optimize their prototypes.
  1. BootStrap

    Bootstrap Tool

BootStrap is an open-source tool kit. It works with HTML, CSS, and JS.


  • Its main advantage is to quickly prototype the ideas and build an entire app with Sass variables and mixins.
  • It builds mobile-first projects on the web.
  • It uses the world’s most popular front end component library.
  • It has brand new components and templates.
  • It helps the people to quickly start with bootstrap and present the best practices on the framework.
  • It has an extensive marketing. It can provide you with greater image work.
  • This tool uses default navbar components and shows how they can be moved and placed.
  • It provides fast and easy ways of web development.
  1. OpenLinkProfiler
    openlinkprofiler tool

OpenLinkProfiler is an open-source free link research tool.

  • It is a simple, easy to use free link research tool.
  • It allows you to check the back-links of any website.
  • It gives an immediate analysis of the link.
  • It is an effective SEO tool. It gives an SEO analysis report.
  • It can provide back-link data at one click.
  • It gives you a detailed overview of the linked profile of a website.
  • It offers access to the linked data of a website. It is a site explorer tool that sorts and filter the results.
  • It offers a much-improved link indexing system to access 100 billion links.

There are many more tools available online, from free to paid, and if you’re interested in learning more about website design tools we encourage you to Bookmark Thought Media’s Blog.

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