What Legalized Cannabis in Canada Means for Web Designers

As support grows, one must wonder what legalized cannabis in Canada means for web designers. It’s only a matter of time that cannabis industry businesses will need their own ecommerce web design, as it has already begun in many regions of the world. Cannabis growers are getting licensed at a faster rate in expectation for its upcoming legality due in 2018/19. While there is much work to be done, such as setting legal limits for DUI and allowing provinces to decide how it will be distributed and sold within their borders, before cannabis becomes legal, the governments expect the first legal sales to take place mid-2018.

cannabis-websitedesignCannabis Industry Growing

Already legal in its medicinal form, the cannabis market is growing within Canada. While regulated and licensed by the federal government, the number of cannabis growers is increasing and the government is more than happy to approve more of the over 800 business in queue. Cannabis users and companies alike believe that the legalization will increase the number of Canadians who use cannabis for recreation.

Positive Stock Market Response

The stock market has responded positively to the growth of business in the cannabis industry. With its consistent high growth, recreational as well as medicinal cannabis stocks are attractive to many investors. With the world showing a greater acceptance of cannabis, Canada’s legalization offers investors the opportunity to get in at the beginning of a global transformation.

Cannabis Ecommerce Web Design

The rapid growth and acceptance of cannabis businesses does not stop at the stock market, but continues online. Cannabis companies, like all others, will want to seize the opportunities that the internet offers by using a cannabis website design. The vast majority of retail sales are made or researched online and that is certain to carry over to the Cannabis industry. An innovative Cannabis business web design will attract consumers and help you succeed in what’s becoming a highly competitive industry.

Cannabis Website Design

The experts here at Thought Media would be proud to become your cannabis website designer. Embracing the new and innovative for years, we can create a website design as unique as your business that attracts and converts customers. We welcome all cannabis business, both new and established, to contact us for a no obligation quote.

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