Why Our Client Downgraded Their SEO Services in Mississauga

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Search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO is a method of increasing traffic i.e. the number of visitors on your site by improving the ranking of your website in search result pages (SERP) of a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. SEO is crucial for digital marketing and is a must for business owners with websites, it increases the visibility of one’s website on a search engine and gives businesses an edge over the other competitors in line. By helping a website rank higher an SEO company can benefit a business in several ways, not only by increasing the visibility and traffic of a site, but it also helping  better the conversion rate and the ROI, both of which amounts to an increase in profits for the business.

SEO And PPC; A Comparison

When it comes to digital marketing, search engine optimization is a much better option in comparison with PPC. PPC i.e. pay-per-click works by bringing traffic to a site in such a way that the advertiser pays the publisher for every time a visitor clicks on the ad. SEO is given preference over PPC since SEO brings organic traffic to a site without the involvement of a third party, plus the cost, in comparison, is much lower and it also brings more traffic than PPC. SEO earns visits while PPC buys visits. SEO also gives better exposure to the site when compared with PPC.

Effects of The Best SEO Services

Thought Media works very closely with businesses, often the cooperation between the two spans over months and years. Thought Media provides efficient SEO services in Mississauga by bringing traffic and leads to the site, it works long term with its clients making sure that all the requirements of the client are met, and they are thoroughly satisfied with the services of Thought Media. Thought Media leaves no leaf unturned in providing the best, most efficient SEO Mississauga services.

The Story

A long-term (4 year+) client, utilising specifically the Mississauga SEO services of Thought Media, has recently downgraded their SEO plan. This isn’t often the case as most clients tend to upgrade/scale-up search engine optimization as we continue to deliver great results, however in this particular case the client decided to switch their business to part-time.

The Conclusion

The effectiveness of Thought Media’s SEO services had brought too much traffic and too many leads? Well that’s it, simply put. In rare situations like this where the business owner doesn’t want to spend as much time on their business, or chooses to work with only a select group of clientele themselves, it can make sense to downgrade the SEO plan to reduce time spent on incoming traffic/leads, appointments, and sales.

Thought Media in Toronto

Thought media provides the Best SEO in Toronto that effectively increase business and profits of clients. The search engine optimization services provided by Thought Media in Toronto are like a double-edged sword in some cases if a business is not ready to handle the increase in business. On one hand, the Toronto SEO campaigns are effective and successful and on the other hand, if a business isn’t ready for that level of success, the services may need to be scaled back. The benefit of working with TM is that the SEO services can always be scaled back up as needed. .

Though the client has downgraded their services, Thought Media is extremely pleased with the outcome of the services provided. The SEO services have positively impacted the growth and profit of the business and have produced powerful results that have proved beneficial for the client.

If you would like to learn more about how the SEO services of Thought Media can generate more leads for your business – reach out today to discuss! 1 (800) 916 3864.

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