E-Commerce Web Design for your Business in Canada

E-commerce has been growing quickly over the past two years reaching a record 18.3 billion Canadian dollars in 2016. In fact, ecommerce sales have been driving the growth in Canadian retail sales overall. A quarter of all this online shopping and purchasing is done on a mobile device. While the penetration of mobile device usage is not expected to grow much, it is expected that usage of those mobile devices to surf and shop at ecommerce stores will grow quickly.

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Mobile Responsive Design Encourages Consumers Spending

E-Commerce Website Design CanadaUnfortunately, your website is not one size fits all. Without the mobile responsive element included, it can not only look downright unattractive, but it can also be rendered non-functional on mobile devices. Consumers do not have long attention spans. If they can’t easily shop in your ecommerce store they will simply click onto your competitor’s site. Mobile responsive website design ensures that your website fits the screen that’s viewing it in an attractive and functional manner. It’s this type of design that attracts the maximum amount of customers across all platforms and devices.

Web Design Canada and Worldwide

Canadian businesses are booming, and that means growing into the global ecommerce economy. Your mobile responsive ecommerce shop can be accessed worldwide, along you to sell and ship products around the world, directly from your e-commerce website design. These worldwide ecommerce sales also allow you to leverage currencies to increase your profit margin.

Social Media Sells

E-Commerce Web Design in CanadaInstagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms now allow you to target your marketing to those users most likely to be interested in your products or services. Though these efficient and highly effective marketing campaigns, you can drive highly viable consumers to your ecommerce website design. Having an effective, mobile responsive ecommerce shop will allow you to quickly convert those consumers into loyal customers. Best of all, happy, loyal customers like and share your content directly to their friends and family.

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